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Poperings Hommelbier | 7.5% | 250ml

Poperings Hommelbier | 7.5% | 250ml

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Hommelbier from Poperinge was brewed for the first time in 1981, for the triennial hop festival in the village. Hommel is local dialect for hops, and was the inspiration for the name of this tribute to Poperinge’s most famous export product. Since then, Poperinge’s Hommelbier has earned quite a reputation for itself with beer fans around the world, for its unique style, brewed with 100% hops from Poperinge.

This golden ale has a dense white head that invites you to lean in and discover the fragrance of green aromatic hops, yeast and mild fruity notes. A full and refreshing palate shifts to mild citrus, orange and grapefruit, in combination with the hops. The sweet honeyed finish combines a slightly spicy flavor of cumin, ending with a nice  kick of hops.

Technical information:

  • ABV: 7.5 vol%
  • Degrees Plato: 16°
  • Hops: 4 varieties
  • Malt: 2 varieties
  • Fermentation: high fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle